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Massage Therapy - 60 Minutes

$85 per appointmentPurchase required to enroll

"It is the vision of R E T U R N Therapy for you to come back to your best body—your best self.
To achieve this I provide comprehensive therapy through touch and movement.
I aim to deeply understand the experience of each body I come into contact with.

Pain, tension, movement restrictions and inertia can arise from multiple sources. I get that many particulars can bring about the imbalances which arise in the body, and that the body can use just as many means to communicate it’s dysfunctions. Deciphering it’s messages can be daunting and confusing. It takes a personalized approach to understand the language of the body.

I communicate with you.

I treat the individual, not the dysfunction. We will weave your experience of your body with my therapeutic findings to create goals that will expose your needs and activate your restoration.

I know that the sources of dysfunction may not be entirely physical.

I seek to provide nurturing space for any emotional, mental or energetic issues that may come up in our sessions.

I respect and serve all bodies

I believe that this ideal of returning to oneself is universal and obtainable.

My vision through R E T U R N is to create and provide a connection that endeavors to actualize your potential."

Morning Afternoon Evening
Nov 14 Thursday 11 Times Available 0 0
Nov 16 Saturday 0 10 Times Available 8 Times Available
Nov 17 Sunday 0 19 Times Available 8 Times Available
Nov 18 Monday 11 Times Available 0 0
Nov 19 Tuesday 11 Times Available 0 0
Nov 20 Wednesday 11 Times Available 0 0