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Line Drives Inc Hitting Clinic

$100Purchase required to enroll
 - Analyze swings and teach a series of drills that will create a proper swing resulting in a. more powerful, efficient and effective swing.
 - We will teach each hitter how to improve the direction of the swing and generate more bat speed.
 - Explanation of swing fundamentals to show hitter how to achieve success in the batter's box.

 Please contact Todd at Todd@LineDrivesInc.com or call/text 253.380.5321 with any questions. Must be registered with a signed liability waiver prior to participating.

 Maximum Group Size: 12 Participants

 This is without a doubt the time of year to make sweeping changes, create solid routines and get enough repetition to generate an efficient, repeatable swing.
 Todd is arguably the best hitting coach in the Pacific North West if not nationally. His coaching approach and process will make a true impact on players from the youth level to more advanced levels in developing a player's
 natural swing to continue to be successful as they face toucher pitching. With 20 years experience with the Angels, Dodgers and Reds (currently) organizations, his track record is proven. Only sign up if you are looking for  an expert that can break down mechanics and tell you exactly how to improve. If you are a serious player, with strong work ethic and want to hit at the next level, then sign up as space is limited.

10:00am-12:00pm: Ages 10-14

12:00pm-2:00pm: High School Players

No upcoming schedule